Kreative Concepts' Roger Dean Vintage Posters

Updated: 07/26/2004

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Please include the following information with your order:  Your Name, Shipping Address, Telephone Number, and Credit Card information.  If you are not comfortable sending CC information via email, you can send the first 8 digits in one email and the 2nd 8 digits and expiration date in a 2nd email.  Or, you can fax the entire order to: 919-387-0272.

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Due to the value of the posters below, all of them are shipped UPS.    International customers inquire for specific pricing.  Shipping of prints is $12.00 domestic, around $20.00 international.  The price is reflective of the packaging and size of the package to ensure safe shipment.  All posters are rolled in kraft paper, placed in a  heavy duty tube and then placed in a long box.


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We have an extremely limited supply of ORIGINAL Osibisa posters.  These are 1972 edition, Big O Productions, original Osibisa posters.  And, to make them even rarer, Roger has signed the remaining quantities that we have on hand.  When these are gone, they are gone.  The photos to the left illustrate the entire poster and the Big O and dates of the posters.   These posters are in near mint condition..but there are some indications of handling due to the fact that they were shipped from a warehouse in England to one in the U.S. and have been bought out by Kreative Concepts.  Roger signed these posters at NEARFest 2003.  These are the only known remaining copies of the original printing of these posters.

Price:  $85.00 plus shipping/packaging.

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Very rare Uncut Sheet of Roger Dean trading cards.  Featuring 90 cards of Roger Dean art with notes regarding the art on the back of each card.  10 other fantasy art cards representing samples for other fantasy artists.  Uncut sheet: $25.00 plus shipping.  We have a limited number of 90 card sets of the cards, shrink wrapped as a set of 90 cards.  These cards will also fit into the card box above.  The 90 card sets are $20.00 per set plus $3.50 shipping.  Add the box for an additional $30.00.  If you buy the 90 card set (cut set), and the box, we will ship within the U.S. free of charge.   International shipping is $15.00.

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