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This page is my attempt to describe 'Progressive Rock', the golden years of progressive along with the newer trends and the comeback it's making.  My definition will certainly clash with others' definitions, but for what it's worth, I'll try to be open ended in my definition.  I'll be adding to this page a great deal over the next weeks.

UPDATE: 6/23/2003!!!

ProgressiveEars and Progression Magazine Web Sites

ProgressiveEars is probably the best progressive music web site I've run across to date.  By all means, if you have an interest or are even just curious about progressive rock music and the artists involved, visit this site!  Progression Magazine is an awesome publication featuring great articles and CD reviews.  Check them out too!

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PORCUPINE TREE may play Raleigh, NC on July 12.   Stay tuned for venue!!!!!  AN EVENT NOT TO MISS!

"PROGRESSIVE ROCK" A style of rock that tended to combine a higher degree of musical
virtuosity with sometimes obscure (if any) lyrics. Songs tended to be longer or at least
linked so that albums seemed more cohesive. Of course, there are thousands of 'progressive
rock' fans that will tear my definition to shreds <wink>. Five of my favorite 'prog rock'
bands, from the past and right now are:

YES - Talk about some obsucre lyrics but GREAT music! Close to the Edge literally
defines one type of progressive rock, with the title track taking up an entire album side, it
is still one of the definitive moments of YES' catalog. They are STILL making great music and
the classic lineup including Rick Wakeman is back in action.

Jethro Tull and Gentle Giant: Two bands that exemplefied quirky rhythms and some different
instrumentation. Ian Anderson wrote some of the most classicly 'progressive' stuff around in
the 70s and he still tours with Jethro Tull every year. Gentle Giant? Long since disbanded, but
still a favorite among progressive enthusiasts.

Spock's Beard: A band that has been playing for well over 10 years, formerly led by singer and
songwriter Neal Morse, their style is similar to a Yes/Genesis, but NOT copycat. Very nice
melodies and awesome keyboards and guitars and drumming. Start with 'Beware of Darkness' but
get all of the CDs, you won't be sorry.

My favorite 'old but still making great music' band: CAMEL. Camel were contemporaries of Pink
Floyd, YES, and Genesis, but were somehow didn't acheive the same status. But, any Camel fan
will tell you that they are simply the BEST! Still making the most consistent, high quality
records, I cannot say enough good about them. Favorite recordings: Moonmadness, The Snow Goose,
Harbour of Tears. But, nearly all of them shine!

Favorite 'New' Band: Porcupine Tree. Hands down, the best band (progressive label or not)
around today. It baffles me that they are not getting airplay. Band leader Steve Wilson is a
modern day Todd Rundgren like genius. The heaviness of Tool, inventiveness of Radiohead,
fluidness of Pink Floyd, all wrapped up in one, definitely original group than begs to be
listened to again and again. The new CD, In Absentia is great, then work backwards to the first

PORCUPINE TREE will be playing in Raleigh, NC on July 12.  The venue has not yet been selected, but as soon as it is, I will post it here, at the top of the page.   This is a MUST SEE event for anyone who enjoyed Pink Floyd in their heyday.   Certainly, there are influences but Porcupine Tree has forged a style all their own and have set the standard as far as I'm concerned.  If you enjoy  Radiohead, TOOL, Alice and Chains, and even Puddle of Mudd, you will get the quirkiness of Radiohead, heaviness of TOOL and Alice and Chains, and melodies of Puddle of Mudd and Alice and Chains along with a unique style that will hold your attention.